Accidental Auto

Accidental Auto  

Accidental Auto is an easy-to-use mobile application offering everything from car accident support to car related issues. Through several easy steps you are there submitting the accident claim even if you are offline.

  1. List your car (s)
  2. Upload the photo
  3. Submit the accident
  4. Track the status

Not only it allows the drivers to avoid the day-to-day fuss connecting with the insurance company via phone but the mobile app possibilities don`t stop there! With the help of Accidental Auto it is easier to track the car related issues and make improvements when it`s necessary.

Automated case ticketing by phone ID

Vehicle care

View your car’s service history, open recalls, maintenance schedule and more!

Customer Service Chat

Chat with the Customer Service instantly, get the quick response, save time!

Mapping Service

No need to submit the accident address when the app may post your exact location to the Customer Service!

Cash Saver

It displays the gas stations around you in your nearest location with the ability to compare the prices and choose the best option for you!

Roadside Assistance

Unexpected situations happen all the time. So with the help of Accidental Auto and its interactive map you will easily contact with the nearest roadside service and calculate when the help will arrive!