Enterprise Everywhere

Enterprise Everywhere

Enterprise Everywhere allows to upload and store photos and videos from mobile devices directly to Web server.

It is a tracking and task scheduling system.

 About Enterprise Everywhere

  • Multi-lingual systems
  • Flexible hierarchy for specific needs of the company (account managers, operators, etc..)
  • Upload and aggregate photos, videos and documents with colleagues, management and public users
  • Powerful tool for management to control, track and improve operations
  • The system allows assigning, defining and tracking the routes
  • Ability of managers to assign the routes for designated employees and follow on the web their actual movements
  • Works in offline mode

 Call Center Solution  

  • User-friendly interface
  • Intelligent voice mail
  • Call recording, statistics, reports;
  • Integration with Billing Solution and MobiToWeb systems;
  • Client information;
  • Missed call registration;
  • Incoming call registration and classification;
  • Call loading & queue control

 Billing Solution

  • Development of integrated information database;
  • Automation of company basic business procedures;
  • Automation of bill calculation and customer billing process;
  • Submission of data for supply balance provision ;
  • Estimation and calculation of hidden losses;
  • Detection of dishonest consumers based on operational and statistical data;
  • Submission of data required for resource consumption analysis, planning and resource supply allocation;
  • Information support for administrative decision-making based on comprehensive resource supply system monitoring and analysis.