IT Outsourcing

EGS is a dedicated development center for software design and development, database testing, and technical support activity. The center, which is located in Yerevan, Armenia, is run and managed according to western standards on par with any IT company located in the US or Europe. It is a virtual community of software developers who complement clients’ in-house staff remotely and work according to clients’ project requirements and business needs.

Infrastructure & Support

EGS provides remote management services to manage customers’ IT infrastructure. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology with a focus on reliability, security and scalability. We have a comprehensive physical security setup that ensures all project documents, data and services are secure and protected at all times.

24/7 Infrastructure Management & Monitoring

EGS has world-class office premises with all necessary amenities and infrastructure in place. EGS uses a combination of on-site and off-site resources to provide 24/7 services based on best-of-breed tools and adherence to the best IT processes for service delivery.


EGS ensures protection of intellectual property rights and business relationships. Our teams of professionals take an integrated approach to every project with passion and creativity, and deliver excellent results.

Objectives In Forming EGS Offshore Department

The ultimate goal of EGS is to be a seamless extension of an organization’s software development. The composition of the team can be changed according to a project’s requirements. This customized team works exclusively on behalf of the client at on-site or off-site locations in a secure environment to meet clients’ development needs and specifications. Indeed, the closer the synergy between EGS and the client’s own development team, the better the results. 

The objective behind EGS is to provide advantages of technological know-how, cost and time-effectiveness, and flexibility in resource utilization. Fast turnover, good project management and getting the job done right the first time allow our clients to make better and faster business decisions and receive quicker feedback from end customers. Our goal is to provide exceptional return-on-investment to our clients.